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Educating healthcare professionals to master medical cannabis


The Essential Guide to Dispensing for Pharmacists


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The SAGED Advantage

Our courses are informed by data insights and the latest research from Australia’s biggest medical cannabis clinic. Let our unrivalled experience grow your wisdom.  

SAGED is dedicated to creating a community amongst health practitioners who are passionate about removing the stigma surrounding medical cannabis.

Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals to enhance patient outcomes with medical cannabis.

Your Pathway to Medical Cannabis Mastery Starts Here


The Essential Guide to Prescribing for Doctors

In this program, you will master the foundational aspects critical to effective and safe prescribing of medical cannabis. You will develop a practical understanding of the endocannabinoid system, essential to initiating, monitoring, and titrating cannabinoid medicines within the regulatory framework in Australia.

Medical Cannabis Fundamentals

The Essential Guide to Patient Care for Nurses

In this program, you will master the foundational aspects of treating patients with medical cannabis. You will gain the ability to describe cannabis medicines accurately and identify appropriate patient cohorts. As nurses, you will be able to facilitate clinical discussions confidently and safely within the Australian regulatory framework.

Medical Cannabis Fundamentals

The Essential Guide to Dispensing for Pharmacists

In our program tailored for pharmacists, you'll gain essential knowledge for safely handling medical cannabis. We'll delve into the endocannabinoid system and highlight your distinct role in patient care. This training will equip you to lead discussions and ensure optimal outcomes for your patients.

Intermediate principles of medical cannabis

Clinical Case Studies for Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists

 Enhance your medical cannabis expertise by delving into evidence-based learning derived from real patient experiences at Australia's largest clinic. Immerse yourself in detailed analyses of actual medical cannabis cases, exploring patient histories, symptoms, diagnoses, treatment plans, and outcomes.

Experience our learning platform today with our complimentary introductory course, History of Medical Cannabis.

Our Curriculum Is Growing With You

The medical cannabis industry in Australia is evolving rapidly and we want to support you to stay at the forefront. With direct access to more patient-data and insights than anyone else in Australia, SAGED is committed to translating this data into easily accessible learning.  Whether you are entering this field for the first time, or committed to developing your expertise, we are curating a curriculum to support your growth. 

SAGED is expanding to include intermediate and advanced courses, as well as clinical experience opportunities.  Let us keep you at the leading edge with the most relevant skills and knowledge in medical cannabis for healthcare professionals.